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An outdoor porch or patio where you can just chill and have a cup of tea is the ultimate must have of a home sweet home. A patio also serves as the perfect gathering place where you can have a cookout at night while enjoying the beauty of the night sky. So, if you don’t have one yourself, here are a couple ideas you could use to design one for your home. 

The adjustable kind

This sort of patio table doesn’t even have to break your wallet at all. In fact, it is something you can DIY. Two small tables put together with cushioned metal chairs of the same theme not only makes it something that is easier to arrange but is also something that could accommodate small and large crowds, flexibly. To make things a bit more ornamented, you can throw in some printed entrance mats,and complete the look!

The rustic look

Today rustic is like everything. Incorporating nature or adding a touch of it in some way or the other could make even the most boring space in a house brighter and livelier and that is exactly what a patio vibe should be like. A patio is a place where people get together and spend time in the outdoors while enjoying each other’s company. So, if you have already built a separate area in your yard, setting up a stone table would be ideal along with some wooden chairs. You could also get some entrance mats Sydney to make sure that the area is comfortable rather than stepping on the bare cold floor.

A mix and match

Just like following a theme for your table and space is cool, so is mixing and matching. The trick is to make sure that the look is balanced out. You could design a patio table out of teak wood and combine it with cushioned sofa chairs on one side and wicker cane chairs on the other.


Another idea you could use in designing a patio is to skip the table altogether and have themed chairs set out on your porch. You could coordinate them in design or color to create this look.