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Have you ever seen a netball match? If not do watch it, as it’s a complete combination of entertainment, athleticism, sports and of course fit and good looking ladies in short skirts. Talking about short skirts has anyone every observed the transformation of this comfortable sports uniforms; I guess never? But it will really be interesting to know regarding how this whole dress transformed; like how it was designed in 90’s and how it is these days? So let’s see the evolution of this dress:

The longs: honestly it was not liable to be called as a uniform, ‘ completely covered till ankles’ a long maxi kind of a dress, full sleeves, almost high neck and wavy bottoms in white color only. In early 90’s this was the netball uniforms Australia. Obviously in old days they were more concerned regarding dresses of the ladies (so don’t judge eastern countries, even in west they had this idea of covering women body completely, even in sports).  Just image in the ground ladies are playing in their long white skirts, nipped waists and long shoes (this had made moving and passing around quite a game).

After 90’s Gymslips: then came an era after 90’s. Let me assert these gymslips are known as a pinafore in Singapore. Just cut ‘the longs’ till knees and long sleeves of the same till elbows and gym slip is ready. This was evolved in order to make ladies a bit more comfortable in ground, while playing (you see it was very difficult with covered legs to run and even pass the ball and sometimes jumps at the same time). This attire came forward till 20’s before pleated skirts.

The skirts: even shorter than gymslips looks like a bodysuit very easy to wear and easy to carry. One cannot thank enough to the evolved culture that they have allowed women to wear such a handy dress. This is true ok! One cannot wear a complete gown and run and pass the ball and win all the time! This is not cool to restrict people from security and ease at the same time asks them to perform.

The costume (body suit): Finally what we can see these days is the revolution in netball attire. And we are sure this one is the best look from the last century.

Sports should be considered as something really different from other things, one cannot just mingle sports with other stuff. As it is something which involves physical and mental workout one cannot do it until he/she is free and at ease. There are few countries which don’t allow their women to get involved in anything like this, due to the culture barrier. Let me remind those countries, its attire one cannot do anything about it but YES! Stop playing that is the only thing one can do avoid such dresses and rules. Next times you watch a netball game do observe and imagine how they could play that particular game in a long on going gown, this will all be a self-explanatory stuff.